Ramsar sites

Finland is a signatory to the global Ramsar Convention on the protection and sustainable use of wetlands. The convention obliges to establish nature conservation areas in wetland areas and promotes the protection of internationally significant wetlands and waterfowl. Wetlands are the world’s most threatened habitats.

Types of wetland habitats under the Ramsar Convention in Finland are:

  • Baltic Sea and its coast
  • inland water bodies and shores
  • mires
  • semi-natural grasslands
  • inland alluvial forests and constructed wetlands

Finland has 49 Ramsar sites

The 49 Ramsar sites in Finland represents in the best possible way the different types of mires, bird lakes, gulfs and archipelago areas of our country. All Ramsar sites are also included in the Natura 2000 network.
Details on all Ramsar sites are available in the Ramsar Sites Database.

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