Strategic programme to promote a circular economy

Finland is preparing a strategic programme to promote a circular economy. The aim is to transform the economy into one that is based on the principles of circular economy by 2035. With this programme, the Finnish Government wants to strengthen Finland’s role as a leader in the circular economy. The transition into a circular economy is also a step towards achieving the Government's carbon neutrality target by 2035.

The programme will be prepared and submitted for approval by the Government during 2020. The programme will set the objectives and indicators, specify the measures to be taken and allocate the resources needed to promote the circular economy and achieve systemic change.

The programme will be prepared as a collaborative effort between ministries, research institutes, the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, Business Finland*, and several companies and municipalities.

Four thematic groups will be involved in the preparation of the programme: real estate and construction, municipalities and regions, energy and material intensive industry, and emerging technologies and new business models. Each group will consist of 20–30 stakeholder representatives and experts relevant to the theme.

Vision of the programme

Finland in 2035: Our economic success is founded on a carbon-neutral circular economy society.

  • Sustainable products and services are mainstream and the sharing economy is commonplace.
  • Our choices are future-proof and they strengthen our fair welfare society.
  • More for less: the use of natural resources is sustainable and materials remain in circulation longer and more safely.
  • The breakthrough of the circular economy has been achieved through innovations, digital solutions, smart regulation, and responsible investors, businesses and consumers.
  • With a circular economy, Finland is a strong player in the global arena and a provider of sustainable solutions on the international market.

Citizens to support the preparation of the programme

The preparation of the programme for circular economy will be supported by a citizens’ jury, which will consist of 50 citizens randomly selected from among volunteers. The jury will be tasked with providing views and assessments to support those preparing the programme. The jury will have three online meetings during 2020. In addition, all citizens will have an opportunity to participate in the preparation of the programme through an online brainstorming platform, which is open from May to November 2020. On the platform, surveys will be conducted to collect new ideas and to test the ideas and measures proposed in the course of the preparation process. The online brainstorming platform is also expected to spur debate on the circular economy and increase the visibility of the preparation of the programme.

* Business Finland is the Finnish government organisation for innovation funding and trade, travel and investment promotion

More information

Taina Nikula, Ministerial Adviser 
Ministry of the Environment, Ympäristönsuojeluosasto, Material Economy Environment Council  0295250202  

Heikki Sorasahi, Senior Specialist 
Ministry of the Environment, Ympäristönsuojeluosasto, Material Economy 0295250165  

Sari Tasa, Senior Specialist 
Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, Innovaatiot ja yritysrahoitus, Yritysten kansainvälistyminen ja toimialakohtainen elinkeinopolitiikka-ryhm, Kiertotalous ja hiilineutraalius-tiimi /KIHI 0295048242