Program for Nutrient Recycling 

Nutrient recycling promotes water protection and self-sufficiency in nutrients and energy

The RAKI program, i.e. Program for promoting nutrient recycling and improving the state of the Archipelago Sea, was launched in 2012 and it has been implemented for three government terms. In addition to water protection, the program aims to promote circular economy, safeguard the security of supply and achieve objectives related to the energy transition and emissions. By producing recycled nutrients and renewable energy, we can also increase our self-sufficiency in nutrients and energy.

The RAKI program finances investments and research, development and innovation projects (RDI) improving utilization of nutrient-rich biomasses and side streams, and creating preconditions for a profitable recycled nutrient market. In addition, the program supports projects promoting energy efficiency and energy neutrality of urban wastewater treatment.

Recycled nutrients can replace inorganic fertilisers made from virgin raw materials. Renewable energy production from side streams and waste heat can decrease the use of fossil fuels and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Development of nutrient recycling solutions that promoting the green transition will create new business, jobs and export opportunities.

More information, for example on funded projects, is available on the Finnish website.

More information

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