Aid Scheme for Growth and Development from Wood

The Aid Scheme for Growth and Development from Wood under the Wood Building Programme aims to promote the use of wood in construction by granting support for various kinds of research and development projects. The measures under the aid scheme include the allocation of funding to selected themes within the sector, activating different stakeholders and encouraging new players. The projects to be supported should have a broad impact and boost growth in the sector. The maximum amount of funding to be granted in total is EUR 5 million.

Information on the Growth and Development from Wood projects and the final reports are available at the project portal maintained by the Federation of Finnish Woodworking Industries (in Finnish). 

Fifth application round under the aid scheme: Many possibilities of wood

In spring 2021 the aid scheme provided the opportunity to target development projects to all of its themes: digitalisation and technology in building with wood, low-carbon building, user-driven solutions, circular economy and industrial networks.

Future application rounds

Within its budget framework, in autumn 2021 the aid scheme aims to organise one more application round where funding for small-scale building projects would be funded under the themes of product development, culture, design and architecture. The planned funding per project would be about EUR 30,000 and the maximum duration of the projects is 12 months. The more detailed themes are:

  • Promoting the culture and cultural heritage of building with wood
  • Use of wood in building detached or semi-detached houses and holiday homes and in low-dense building
  • Furniture and fixtures, product development in urban small-scale and environmental building
  • Startup activities: multiple skills, new innovative wood building solutions and practices