Helmi habitats programme aims to strengthen biodiversity

Helmi habitats programme, led by the Ministry of the Environment, aims to strengthen Finland’s biodiversity and safeguard the vital ecosystem services that nature provides for us. At the same time, the programme is working to curb climate change and promote adaptation to it.

Through the programme, Finland is taking effective action on behalf of biodiversity:

  • We are protecting and restoring mires.
  • We are restoring aquatic bird habitats, wetlands and coastal areas.
  • We are managing semi-natural grasslands.
  • We are restoring forest habitats, such as herb-rich forests and sun-exposed esker forests.
  • We are managing and restoring coastal and aquatic environments, such as sandy beaches.

The Helmi programme is a key tool for halting biodiversity loss in Finland. The programme's actions will provide help to hundreds of endangered species and most of the endangered habitats in our country. The Helmi programme is based on voluntary action by landowners.

More information about the works in each theme:

Helmi works have started on protected areas

In 2020 the Helmi works included action plans, surveys and inventories, as well as conservation, restoration and management of habitats.

At the same time, long-term objectives for the Helmi programme until 2030 have been prepared. The Ministry of the Environment has appointed a broad-based steering group and a working group to prepare the objectives and content of the programme until 2030. The groups completed their work in March 2021. Based on the outcome of this work, the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Forestry and Agriculture will draw up a decision on the Helmi programme to be submitted to the Government for approval during spring 2021.


Päivi Gummerus-Rautiainen, Programme Manager, tel. +358 295 250 240, [email protected]

Hanna-Leena Keskinen, Special Advisor, tel. +358 295 250 096, [email protected]