Nature and water

A diverse natural environment and living waters are the foundation of the wellbeing of us humans and the natural environment and a key condition for all activities in society.

The aim of the Ministry of the Environment is to halt the decline in biodiversity in Finland and ensure a favourable conservation status for species and habitats. We want to safeguard the functioning of ecosystems and take care of the state of rivers, lakes, groundwater and the Baltic Sea.

  • Reform of the nature conservation legislation »

    The reform of the nature conservation legislation includes updates to the Nature Conservation Act and Decree, a new act on compensations for damages caused by protected species, and a project to test and develop ecological compensation.

  • Helmi habitats programme »

    Helmi habitats programme aims to strengthen Finland’s biodiversity and safeguard the vital ecosystem services that nature provides for us.

  • Water protection programme »

    The programme to enhance the effectiveness of water protection, led by the Ministry of the Environment, aims to make Finland a world leader in effective water protection.

  • Biodiversity »

    Biodiversity must be protected and maintained in order to safeguard the conditions which support life on the planet. Safeguarding biodiversity requires an effort from the whole of society.

  • Soil protection »

    Towards the end of 2021, the European Commission published the EU Soil Strategy for 2030, with the aim to achieve good soil health by 2050.

  • What is the green transition? »

    The green transition means a shift towards economically sustainable growth and an economy that is not based on fossil fuels and overconsumption of natural resources.