Owner-occupied housing legislation

ASP scheme

The ASP savings and subsidy scheme is designed for first-time homebuyers aged 15–39. The scheme includes tax-exempt interest and bonus interest on deposits saved for the purpose of purchasing a home, along with interest subsidies paid for the housing loan.


A state guarantee may be issued for a loan granted for the purpose of purchasing an owner-occupied apartment or building a single-family house. The bank issues the guarantee in connection with the decision to grant the housing loan, and the guarantee is subject to a guarantee fee. The guarantee premium is not charged, however, if interest subsidy is paid on the loan.

The state can issue a guarantee for a loan taken out by a limited liability housing company for the purpose of renovating a building. The housing company must have sufficient means to pay back the guarantee, and the guarantee is subject to a guarantee fee.

Subsidies are no longer granted under the following Acts, but the Acts are still applied to subsidies previously granted under them.