The Ministry of the Environment wants to be an effective and influential player and a good cooperation partner in securing sustainable development, a good environment to live in and biodiversity, both for the present and future generations.

The three departments and two support units of the ministry – Department of the Natural Environment, Department of the Built Environment, Environmental Protection Department, Steering and International Cooperation and Communications – are responsible for legislative and policy preparation for the Government and Parliament concerning the climate, communities, built environment, housing, biodiversity and sustainable use of natural resources, and environmental protection.

  • Minister of the Environment and Climate Change »

    Minister of the Environment and Climate Change Maria Ohisalo leads the Ministry of the Environment. Within the Finnish Government, she is responsible for matters related to the environment, construction and housing.

  • Organisation and management »

    The Ministry of the Environment is responsible for preparing matters to be submitted for consideration by the Government and Parliament, such as matters concerning communities, the built environment, housing, biodiversity, sustainable use of natural resources, climate change and environmental protection.

  • Ministry of the Environment as a workplace »

    We at the Ministry of the Environment want to ensure a better environment for future generations. At the Ministry of the Environment, you can have an impact on environmental matters, building, housing and biodiversity.

  • Strategy »

    The revised strategy of the Ministry of the Environment stretches to 2035. The Ministry of the Environment will focus on three themes: comprehensive solutions to the ecological sustainability crisis, leading the green transition and living environments that support wellbeing.

  • Administrative Branch »

    The Ministry of the Environment’s branch of administration consists of a number of independently operating institutes and agencies carrying out the social objectives of the ministry and participating in projects included in the government programme.

  • Contact information »

    You can search the contact data of ministry employees or contact the government switchboard.