Plastics Roadmap for Finland: Reduce, refuse, recycle and replace


The Plastics Roadmap for Finland 2.0 is an extensive national programme that aims for a breakthrough in the circular economy of plastics by 2030.

The first stage of the programme started in 2018 and the programme was updated in the early part of 2022. The Plastics Roadmap presents a set of measures by which we can reduce the harm caused by plastics, refuse unnecessary consumption, improve the recycling of plastics and find solutions that replace plastics. The programme also sets concrete targets for the progress of the measures.

Plastic challenge also an opportunity for Finland

The plastic challenge is also an opportunity for Finland. Finland has strong expertise in biomaterials, as well as raw materials that offer opportunities to find solutions for replacing plastics. Plastic challenge is also high on the agenda in Finland’s international affairs.

The roadmap was prepared by a broad-based working group set up by the Ministry of the Environment. This work was supported by an expert secretariat, which was responsible for writing the report. A large group of stakeholders and members of the public have also participated in the preparatory work. Open online idea generation was used to compile hundreds of ideas and comments to serve as the basis for the preparation.

More information

Merja Saarnilehto, Programme Manager 
Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Environmental Protection Department, Circular Economy 0295250259