National procedures for product approval

National procedures for construction product approval are approval procedures used in Finland for products for which CE marking cannot be used. This means construction products outside the scope of any harmonised product standard or European Technical Assessment (ETA).

The national procedures for product approval are based on the Act on the Type Approval of Certain Construction Products (954/2012), which entered into force on 1 July 2013. This new act repealed the previous Act on the Approval of Construction Products (230/2003).

National procedures for product approval can be used to demonstrate that a construction product outside the scope of application of CE marking meets the requirements of the Land Use and Building Act.

There are three voluntary national procedures for the approval of construction products:

In addition to these voluntary procedures, the building supervision authority can require that the performance of a construction product is certified on the construction site, if the fitness of the construction product for its intended use has not been certified in any other way and there is reason to suspect that the product does not fulfil the essential technical requirements set for it.

Only one of the procedures can be used for the same product group