National Waste Plan

From Recycling to a Circular Economy – National Waste Plan to 2023 sets out the objectives for waste management and waste prevention and the measures to reach the objectives.

Detailed targets are set and measures presented for four key areas: construction and demolition waste, biodegradable waste, municipal waste, and waste electrical and electronic equipment.

The plan was prepared in broad collaboration with experts on waste issues and various stakeholders. The Strategic Cooperation Group for the Waste Sector appointed by the Ministry of the Environment acted as the steering group for the preparation of the Waste Plan.

Reviewing and updating the plan in 2020

The National Waste Plan will be updated during 2020. The renewed Waste Framework Directive as well as the Directive on the reduction of the impact of certain plastic products on the environment require new content to the National Waste Plan. While updating the Plan, the record of the Government Programme “We will create a vision for the waste management sector that supports recycling and circular economy targets and that extends into the 2030s. Our goal is to increase the recycling rate to at least the level of the EU’s recycling targets.” will also be implemented.

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Sirje Stén, Ministerial Adviser 
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