Policy on international cooperation support the strategy of the Ministry of the Environment

The policy on international cooperation of the Ministry of the Environment strengthens the international dimension of the strategic priorities and the international impact and profile of the ministry. The policy is based on ten impact targets that build on three objectives of the ministry’s strategy: a good environment and diverse nature, a carbon-neutral circular economy society, and sustainable urban development.

The aim is that the Ministry of the Environment is an active and strong player in prioritised international issues related to environmental and nature protection and the built environment. The impact targets are based on messages from science and research concerning the urgency and necessity of actions, and they also identify emerging environmental issues, including the root causes of pandemics caused by zoonotic viruses, and the need to focus on a green and socially just transition of the economy.

The work done at the Ministry of the Environment aims at a fundamental change towards a sustainable society and world. By implementing individual targets it may be possible to solve several global environmental challenges at the same time. Implementation requires ambitious actions by several stakeholders and sectors towards a common goal.

The guidelines support the objective set in the Government Programme of a globally influential Finland in promoting environmental and climate action and sustainable development. The guidelines are applicable until the end of the term of the Government led by Prime Minister Sanna Marin.

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