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Nordic ideas to enrich the New European Bauhaus

Ministry of Education and CultureMinistry of the Environment
Publication date 1.4.2021 10.32
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What is good, sustainable housing in the Europe of the future? What can we learn from the legendary Bauhaus school of architecture and design to find solutions to the present challenges? What do the Nordic countries have to offer to this co-design process? How do we get everyone involved?

More than 800 enthusiastic participants from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland sought answers to these and other related questions at an event to plan the New European Bauhaus, organised in Iceland on 24 March. The European Commission envisages to get the Bauhaus started through five sets of projects during this year.

During the event workshops were organised to gather Nordic ideas for the development of the New European Bauhaus. The themes of the workshops were climate change, circular economy, digital transformation, ecosystem services, biodiversity, children and the young, and equality and wellbeing. Summaries of the discussions on these themes and the outcomes of the workshops will be compiled into a report to be submitted to the European Commission later this spring. The aim is to ensure that the ideas and perspectives of the Nordic countries will be included in the five themes of the Bauhaus project.

A recording of the opening and closing statements of the event and summaries of the outcomes of the workshops are openly available on the event’s website.

“The event aroused great interest in Finland and in the Nordic countries. From this we will continue with workshops on more specific themes. Our aim is that this work will also be reflected in the Bauhaus projects in a concrete way,” says Mika Kuittinen, Senior Specialist at the Ministry of the Environment.

The joint Nordic planning and development process will continue with several follow-up events to be organised by different stakeholders. The first one will be held on 28 April to discuss sustainable aesthetics in the built environment. Information on the other upcoming Bauhaus events will be available on the website later on.

“We wish to encourage actors involved with culture and arts to boldly participate and bring forth their views of what a good environment to live in would be in the future,” says Petra Havu, Senior Ministerial Adviser at the Ministry of Education and Culture.

To follow the discussions and participate on social media use #NewEuropeanBauhaus.

The first Nordic planning event was organised by the Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Education and Culture, Nordic Council of Ministers, ArchInfo, and Norwegian and Icelandic designer organisations.

What is the New European Bauhaus?

The New European Bauhaus is a European Commission initiative to promote sustainability, inclusion and aesthetics in the built environment.

The aim is to find better ways of living and housing through co-design and co-development – and harness not only science and technology but also creativity, culture and design to solve the great challenges of our time, including climate change.

The content and practical form of the initiative will be constructed on the basis of the European ideas, examples and wishes. Everybody is welcome to participate in the co-design process, including, architects, designers, artists, scientists, companies, civil society organisations, students, children and the young.

The New European Bauhaus implements the European Green Deal.

Bauhaus refers to the legendary school of architecture and design established in Germany in the 1920s that had an instrumental role in the evolution of modern architecture and design.


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