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Ministry of the Environment awarded EUR 1.3 million in grants for studies and land use planning to promote green transition investment projects

Ministry of the Environment
Publication date 31.7.2023 12.46 | Published in English on 4.8.2023 at 10.02
Press release

The Ministry of the Environment has awarded more than EUR 1.3 million in grants to 15 municipalities and 7 regional councils for studies and land use planning aimed to promote investment projects related to the green transition.

The studies and planning may concern e.g. biogas plants, large-scale solar and wind power production, green hydrogen, and industrial areas that combine several green technologies. The projects must comply with the Do No Significant Harm (DNSH) principle.

The grants are based on the budget proposals of 2022 and 2023. Part of the funding comes from the NextGenerationEU Recovery and Resilience Facility, and the rules for their use are included in the Sustainable Growth Programme for Finland. 

About EUR 2.6 million in appropriations were allocated to various projects in the application for special grants that ended last April. The Ministry of the Environment received 44 applications and the grants applied for totalled about EUR 2.6 million. 

In the earlier applications implemented since 2022 the Ministry of the Environment has awarded about EUR 2 million in grants to studies and planning in 22 municipalities and 12 regional councils.
The Ministry of the Environment will announce the next call for applications later this year.
Beneficiary, project and amount of the grant

Grant awarded from the NextGenerationEU Recovery and Resilience Facility

  • City of Lappeenranta, Official procedures related to demonstration project for hydrogen transmission infrastructure in Lappeenranta, EUR 31,290

Grants awarded from the national appropriation

  • Town of Jakobstad, Urban planning in Jakobstad to enable green energy transition - PIKAVEM, EUR 189,228
  • Municipality of Leppävirta, Land use planning at Riikinneva and Nikkilänmäki, green transition, EUR 81,550
  • Town of Pyhäjärvi, Land use planning for Olkkonen green transition industrial park and studies to speed up permit procedures, EUR 82,880
  • Municipality of Reisjärvi, Land use planning for Reisjärvi bioeconomy and circular economy site and related studies, EUR 42,000
  • City of Kouvola, Study of solar energy potential in Kouvola, EUR 28,000
  • Town of Orivesi, Study of opportunities related to solar energy in Orivesi, EUR 28,000
  • City of Oulu, Promoting green transition in the city of Oulu, Oritkari port, EUR 70,000
  • City of Oulu, Promoting green transition in the city of Oulu, Pyyryväinen industrial park, EUR 70,000
  • City of Rauma, Lakari industrial park, EUR 115,500
  • Municipality of Rautjärvi, local master plan for Laikonkangas solar power plant, EUR 42,000
  • City of Kotka, Prestudy of Rantahaka industrial area as a site for green transition investments, EUR 72,333
  • Town of Nykarleby, Local detailed plan for western part of Frillmossen, EUR 36,680
  • City of Naantali, Land use study for green transition in Naantali areas, EUR 13,810
  • Municipality of Kimitoön: Manual for renewable energy investments on Kimitoön, EUR 10,983
  • City of Lappeenranta, Official procedures related to Konnunsuo solar energy project, EUR 36,400 
  • City of Lappeenranta, Official procedures related to Huuhansuo and Suurisuo solar energy project, EUR 39,550
  • City of Imatra, DNSH studies related to solar power parks of the city of Imatra, EUR 18,200
  • Regional Council of Häme, Innovative solar power solutions for built environment in Kanta-Häme, EUR 21,000
  • Regional Council of Häme, Opportunities related to hydrogen economy in Kanta-Häme, 21 000 e
  • Council of Oulu Region, Regional phase plan concerning energy and climate for Oulu region, EUR 42,000
  • Regional Council of Central Finland, Foresight on needs related to land use and planning to facilitate energy transition in Central Finland, EUR 33,600
  • Regional Council of Southwest Finland, Future, need for space and location of sustainable energy supply in Southwest Finland - background study for regional planning, EUR 70,000
  • Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council, Land use needs related to green transition projects in Uusimaa - study, EUR 70,000
  • Regional Council of Päijät-Häme, Landscape study for wind power in Päijät-Häme, EUR 55,300


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