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Climate Policy Roundtable: Upholding climate targets key issue in terms of justice

Government Communications DepartmentMinistry of the Environment
Publication date 8.12.2022 15.58
Press release

On Thursday 8 December, the Climate Policy Roundtable discussed the different dimensions of justice in climate actions and plans. The members of the Roundtable stressed that, even if justice can be considered from many different dimensions, the most important thing in terms of justice is to uphold the climate targets and continue to pursue a consistent climate policy. The meeting was chaired by the vice-chair of the Climate Policy Roundtable, Minister of the Environment and Climate Change Maria Ohisalo.

An introduction to the project on climate justice of the Finnish Climate Change Panel was given by Paula Kivimaa, Research Professor at the Finnish Environment Institute. Research Professor Minna Kaljonen from the Finnish Environment Institute spoke about the different perspectives on a just transformation in the food sector.

The members of the Roundtable considered both the presentations and the project of the Finnish Climate Change Panel as highly important in terms of adopting a systematic approach to justice. The Roundtable pointed out that decisions on climate plans and actions must be based on common concepts and a shared understanding of what justice means and which of its dimensions are emphasised in each particular context. The discussion highlighted the regional, national and global level of justice, social and economic justice, distributive justice with respect to different sectors and groups of people, the role of employees, the inclusion of young people and the role of indigenous peoples. 

Finland’s target to be carbon-neutral by 2035 was included in the new Climate Act that entered into force in July. Parliament is currently considering an amendment to the Climate Act, which includes further provisions on requests for reviews in the climate plans under the Climate Act and will strengthen the legal protection of different stakeholders in society. The members of the Roundtable stressed that interaction in connection with the preparation of climate plans under the Climate Act or in other contexts must be comprehensive, diverse and systematic. The need for climate actions is urgent, but enough time must be reserved for consultations and discussion. The Government’s Annual Climate Report was also considered an important forum for broader public discussion on climate policy.

A key message from the Roundtable was the will to highlight the benefits of an effective climate policy in the discussion on justice. The change to be achieved with an active climate policy can be a change for the better. The green transition offers opportunities to the people, Finland and sustainable growth, and emission reductions mean healthier lifestyles, wellbeing and work in new fields.


Riikka Yliluoma
Special Adviser to Minister of the Environment and Climate Change
tel. +358 50 414 1682
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Jarmo Muurman
Senior Ministerial Adviser, Secretary-General of the Climate Policy Roundtable
tel. +358 295 250 185
[email protected]

The Climate Policy Roundtable brings together a broad spectrum of stakeholders from different sectors of society. The purpose of the Roundtable is to create a common understanding of how Finland can make a just transition to a carbon neutral society by 2035. With its work, the Roundtable supports the preparation and implementation of Finland’s national climate policy.

To follow the work of the Roundtable in social media use #ilmastonpyöreäpöytä and #hiilineutraali2035.