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Climate Policy Roundtable’s message to the next Government: Finland must stick to its climate neutrality target

Government Communications DepartmentMinistry of the Environment
Publication date 21.2.2023 16.31
Press release
Climate Policy Roundtable held its last meeting on Tuesday 21 February

Finland must adhere to its target of climate neutrality by 2035 and aim to be carbon negative soon after that. Finland should not delay or reverse climate and nature measures, the Climate Policy Roundtable stated at its last meeting on Tuesday. Prime Minister Sanna Marin chaired the meeting.

The Climate Policy Roundtable reminded the next Government that the nature and climate crisis must be solved simultaneously, bearing in mind the connection between the two so that the solutions to the one problem do not aggravate the other. In addition to the climate neutrality target, Finland must commit to targets and measures to halt the loss of biodiversity by 2030, because a diverse nature is the foundation of our wellbeing.

The speeches held at the Roundtable focused on the importance of safeguarding carbon sinks and increasing Finland’s carbon handprint. The Roundtable also emphasised the creation of a positive vision and understandable communication on climate policy. The participants highlighted the need to strengthen the competences needed for a climate neutral society, the role of market-based solutions and ensuring socially, economically and regionally just transition. 

Climate Policy Roundtable hopes to continue its activities 

The members of the Climate Policy Roundtable stressed its usefulness in increasing common understanding. The presentations were considered to be of high quality and contributing to a better knowledge base. At the same time as the views from different sectors have become part of the Climate Policy Roundtable discussion, the Roundtable has also catalysed development projects and statements in the member organisations. The members commended the political leadership for their commitment to the Roundtable’s work as well as the sufficiently high level of discussions at the Roundtable.


Ilkka Kaukoranta
Special Adviser to the Prime Minister
tel. +358 40 752 8637
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Riikka Yliluoma
Special Adviser to the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change 
tel. +358 50 414 1682
[email protected]

Jarmo Muurman
Senior Ministerial Adviser, Secretary-General of the Climate Policy Roundtable
tel. +358 295 250 185
[email protected]

The Climate Policy Roundtable brings together a broad spectrum of stakeholders from different sectors of society. The purpose of the Roundtable is to create a common understanding of how Finland can make a just transition to a carbon neutral society by 2035. With its work, the Roundtable supports the preparation and implementation of Finland’s national climate policy.
To follow the work of the Roundtable in social media use #ilmastonpyöreäpöytä and #hiilineutraali2035.

Maria Ohisalo Mika Lintilä Sanna Marin