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Join the Let’s Go Out Together event on 17 May 2018

Ministry of the Environment
9.5.2018 3.00
News item

This year the Day Trip to Forest for Finnish children and international Outdoor Classroom Day will take place on Thursday 17 May. These joint events encourage everybody to go outdoors with their children to enjoy nature and the spring. The Ministry of the Environment supports the campaign.

The aim is to give every child the opportunity to find joy in playing and learning in nature. The Patron of the event is the President of the Republic Sauli Niinistö.

Studies show that spending time in the natural environment and playing and learning outdoors enhance the children’s health, happiness and feeling of joy. The Day Trip to Forest encourages all adults to take children to a trip in forest: to practice the skills of how to behave in forest, identify species of living organisms, and enjoy nature. The aim of the Outdoor Classroom Day is to promote all kinds of play and learning that takes place outdoors all over the world. During the day, experiences will be shared with schools and day care centres in different countries.

How to participate?

Go out with children or young people.

Schools and day care centres

Register your class or group here

On the website you will also find tips and materials for planning your own event and to see how children play and learn outdoors in other countries.

Parents, grandparents, godparents and others

Take a child who is important for you outdoors during the day. No registration is required to participate. You can also tell schools and day care centres about the event.

Ideas for teaching, play and hiking

Find and share materials for the Outdoor Classroom Day and Day Trip to Forest at Use the keywords  ulkoluokka, ulko-opetus, ulkoleikit and metsäretki for searching Finnish materials suitable for the event. To add materials you can also use the English keyword outdoor classroom day .

Enjoy the outdoors in social media

Day Trip to Forest is for schools and day care centres all over Finland, while Outdoor Classroom Day is for the whole of the world. By sharing your tips and photos in social media using the identifiers below you may encourage adults all over the world to take their children outdoors. At the same time, you can share the joy of outdoor recreation and find new ideas what to do.



Day Trip to Forest

Tia Torvinen, Communications, Day Trip to Forest, metsaretkipaiva (at)



Outdoor Classroom Day

Pihla Salminen, Campaign Coordinator, FEE Finland, ulkoluokkapaiva (at)