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Futures review of the Ministry of the Environment and Strategy 2030 published

Ministry of the Environment
4.6.2018 3.27
News item

The Ministry of the Environment has prepared a futures review and renewed its strategy to respond to changes in Finland and in the global environment, including climate change, urbanisation and sustainable use of natural resources.

The strategy of the Ministry of the Environment to 2030 aims for a good environment and diverse nature, carbon-neutral circular economy society and sustainable urban development. Measures and concrete paths of actions to achieve the objectives are updated on an annual basis.

The futures review examines the main challenges for the future and presents paths of change towards the kind future we are aiming for. The themes used for the futures review are the objectives set in Strategy 2030. The two future scenarios used in the review are ‘a sustainable society 2030’ and ‘unsustainable growth 2030’.

The futures reviews prepared by each Finnish ministry describe the key issues for Finland in the next few years. The purpose of the reviews is to provide information on key issues that require political decision-making or otherwise concern the state of our society to generate public discussion and to serve as the basis for the forthcoming elections and government formation talks.

The futures reviews were now compiled for the fifth time. The previous futures reviews were published in 2014.


Juho Korpi, Director for Development, [email protected], tel. +358 295 250 136

Laura Höijer, Research Director, [email protected], tel. +358 295 250 097