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European recognition awarded to Nordic Carbon Neutral Bauhaus project

Ministry of Education and CultureMinistry of the Environment
Publication date 14.4.2022 12.36
Press release

Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark and the Faroe Islands will together launch a Nordic Carbon Neutral Bauhaus project to promote low-carbon construction and the circular economy. The European Commission has selected the joint Nordic project to be part of the extensive New European Bauhaus initiative. The project will strengthen the status of architecture, design and art in the transition towards sustainable and carbon-neutral construction.

Press release of the Ministry of the Environment of Finland and Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland

“I am extremely pleased that the cooperation launched in the Nordic countries between low-carbon construction and architecture received Commission’s confirmation. This is an excellent opening and example of how the great challenges of our time, such as climate change and loss of biodiversity, can be solved through cooperation and by including different perspectives in the broad range of solutions with an open mind,” says Minister of the Environment and Climate Change Emma Kari.

“Architecture, design, art and culture can be used to find new solutions to sustainable development issues. It is excellent that we harness this potential within the framework of Nordic cooperation and at the same time seek new ways of building sustainable and high-quality living environments,” says Minister of Science and Culture Antti Kurvinen.

Everyone can participate in the events of the Nordic Carbon Neutral Bauhaus. Finland’s participation in the project is coordinated by the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Two-year project invites discussion on a sustainable built environment

The Nordic Carbon Neutral Bauhaus contributes to how architecture, design and art should be used for achieving a carbon neutral built environment in an inclusive manner. Throughout our two-year outreach project, it will offer an international platform for developing creative solutions for a climate neutral, circular and socially inclusive built environment of the future.

The Nordic Bauhaus will be officially launched at the first New European Bauhaus Festival in Brussels, at the beginning of June 2022.

The joint Nordic Bauhaus will facilitate discussions through:

  • Engaging with the public through Nordic democracy festivals.
  • Arranging cross-disciplinary debates and events for policy-makers and stakeholders who work in the fields of construction, climate, culture and the environment.
  • Arranging a Nordic Design Challenge for carbon neutral building and living.
  • Presenting the work of the Nordic Bauhaus through participation in relevant exhibitions.
  • Coordinating and facilitating the New European Bauhaus funding calls regionally in the Nordic countries, through national contact points.

The background for the project is in the Nordic Declaration on Low Carbon Construction and Circular Principles in the Construction Sector given by the Nordic ministers in Reykjavik in 2019.  Now, the scope of the declaration will be reflected through architecture, design and culture in the joint Nordic action.

Finland actively promoted the inclusion of Nordic views as part of the New European Bauhaus initiative during its Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers in 2021. The Nordic ministers responsible for housing and construction decided in late 2021 to support a joint action involving low-carbon construction and the circular economy.


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