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Hiilihelppi provides tips on how to reduce the carbon footprint of living

Ministry of the Environment
Publication date 23.4.2021 15.32 | Published in English on 28.4.2021 at 11.12
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The Hiilihelppi online service launched recently provides everyday tips and methods with which anyone can reduce their carbon footprint of living and thereby positively influence climate change, natural resources and biodiversity.

By selecting a location and housing type, the user of the service receives tailored tips for climate friendly living.

“Living makes about one fourth  of the Finns’ carbon footprint. Therefore it is important to have understandable information available about the ways in which we can reduce our living emissions – whether we live in the city, the countryside, a detached house or an apartment house. Environmentally friendly solutions often also make living more comfortable and help save money,” says Minister of the Environment and Climate Change Krista Mikkonen.

The Hiilihelppi website provides versatile information and methods for sustainable living, energy efficiency, the use of renewable forms of energy, and advocacy. It is a collection of tips for home buyers, renovators, builders and summerhouse users, too. 

The various home locations and types each involve different solutions for mitigating the environmental crisis and reducing the carbon footprint. Environmentally friendly solutions often improve the quality of living and reduce its cost. In Hiilihelppi, you can make your own personal check list of climate tips and share them to others for inspiration.

Climate change is proceeding, our natural resources are declining, and species are dying out at an alarming rate. Our ways of living are not on a sustainable level. Although the situation is critical, much remains repairable – without compromising living comfort or costs. Both great and small measures are needed in the everyday lives of consumers as well as on a global level.

Hiilihelppi’s tips make it easier to reduce the carbon footprint of living.

Hiilihelppi is an online service produced by the Suomen Luonto magazine published by the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation, the Finnish Ministry of Environment, and the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra.


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