Type approval of construction products

Type approval of construction products is a voluntary approval procedure for construction products, used in Finland for products listed in the Ministry of the Environment Decree on the Type Approval of Certain Construction Products.

If it is not possible to demonstrate that the construction product is fit for construction with a CE marking based on a harmonised European product standard, or if no European Technical Assessment (ETA) has been issued for the product, the manufacturer of the construction product can show its fitness for the intended use by applying a national procedure for product approval, such as type approval.

This allows the manufacturer to demonstrate that the product can be used in construction because it complies with the legislative requirements set for it. With type approval, the builder can show that the product is fit for the intended use when applying for a building permit or in connection with building control.

Type approval is used to approve construction products, when the products in question affect the fulfilment of the essential technical requirements of the building. Type approval is based on the type approval decrees issued by the Ministry of the Environment for different kinds of construction products. This means that it can only be granted in accordance with the Ministry of the Environment decree on the type approval of the product in question, and with the Land Use and Building Act.

Applying for type approval

Applying for type approval is voluntary for the manufacturer.

Applications for type approval are submitted to a type approval body authorised by the Ministry of the Environment. In Finland, there is two type approval bodies operating at the moment, Eurofins Expert Services Oy and Kiwa and in Sweden GlobeCert AB. The Ministry of the Environment can only grant type approval for construction products in special cases on special grounds.

Type approval decisions are valid for a maximum of five years. If the product is later covered by the scope of CE marking, the type approval will expire.

Type approval marking

Type approval markings can be used during the type approval validity period.

A product cannot be given a type approval marking after the end of the transition period of a new harmonised product standard for the construction product in question, or if a European Technical Assessment (ETA) has been issued for the product. The type approval mark below is affixed to a construction product.