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Testing of EU indicators for measuring resource efficiency in building started

Ministry of the Environment
19.12.2017 11.40 | Published in English on 14.9.2020 at 14.58
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Mikko Nousiainen, GBC

The testing of the common EU indicators for resource efficiency in building was started a in a workshop of the Ministry of the Environment, Green Building Council Finland (GBC Finland), Building Information Group (Rakennustieto) and Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland ARA in December 2017. The workshop was attended by about 50 professionals in the building sector.

The Level(s) indicators designed by the European Commission will be tested in real-life building projects in 2018–2019. Feedback collected from the results will be sent to the European Commission.

The purpose of the voluntary indicators is to provide a common framework for measuring and marketing resource efficiency in building.

"At the moment there are many different kinds of indicators concerning ecological building or sustainability. It is difficult to compare buildings measured using different indicators with each other, which leads to quite a confusing situation for the consumers and investors", says Matti Kuittinen, Senior Specialist at the Ministry of the Environment.


"Life cycle thinking means that all impacts related to a building from the manufacture of materials to the demolition stage and recycling are taken into account. By this we can make sure that decisions on building are made in the best possible way considering all aspects involved", Kuittinen says.

Level(s) indicators were created in collaboration between the authorities, researchers, consultants and building companies.

In Finland the testing will focus on the carbon footprint. The results of the testing will be utilised in the implementation of the roadmap towards low carbon building of the Ministry of the Environment. Workshops in support of the testing will be organised during 2018.

Organisations interested in participating in the testing are invited to register by 15 January 2018.

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Matti Kuittinen, Senior Specialist, tel. +358 50 594 7990, [email protected]

Simon Le Roux, Project Specialist, tel. +358 295 250 086, [email protected]