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Finland will celebrate European Heritage Days 2020 with the theme Places to Grow

Ministry of the Environment
Publication date 11.11.2019 8.26
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Finland celebrates the European Heritage Days (EHDs) with common European themes. In Finland, the 2020 European theme Heritage and Education has been modified into the national theme Places to Grow. The EHD events highlight the importance of cultural heritage as a source of learning, growth and education.

Finland emphasises the importance of the opportunities our immediate neighbourhoods provide for learning and growth. Knowledge and skills can be accumulated in libraries and museums, in clubs and courses, at sports grounds and on nature trails, or merely by learning to know the immediate neighbourhood better. Former and current day-care centres, schools and educational institutions are also important places of learning and knowledge. Yards, gardens and parks as well as forests and landscapes all promote growth and learning.

Events organised throughout the year

The European Heritage Days are celebrated in Finland every year through hundreds of organised walks, exhibitions, village and neighbourhood celebrations and trips. Events are organised by museums, libraries, schools, youth and hobby clubs and different associations. Everyone interested is welcome to contribute to the programme of the European Heritage Days.

The EHD theme week will be celebrated in Finland between 7 and 13 September 2020, but events will be organised throughout the year. The International Landscape Day was celebrated for the first time in Finland in 2019 as part of the European Heritage Days. Event organisers can also produce programme for the International Landscape Day, which will take place on 20 October.

Everyone can organise events. All of the events will be compiled in a joint event calendar.

With the Places to Grow theme, schools and educational institutions will also be invited to plan and participate in the events. In Finland, children and young people are considered to play an important part in the preservation and use of the cultural environment now and in the future.

In Finland, the European Heritage Days are coordinated by a working group consisting of the Ministry of the Environment, the Finnish Local Heritage Federation, the Finnish Heritage Agency, the Finnish National Agency for Education and the Association of Cultural Heritage Education in Finland.

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Jonina Vaahtolammi, Coordinator, the Finnish Local Heritage Federation, [email protected] , tel. +358 9 612 63229

Liisa Lohtander, Organisation Manager, the Finnish Local Heritage Federation, [email protected], tel. +358 45 1509 109

Hanna Hämäläinen, Planning Officer, Ministry of the Environment, [email protected], tel. +358 295 250 095