Green deal scenarios envisage a new circular economy for Finland

8.5.2023 16.30
A woman and a boy are shopping clothes in the Reuse Centre.
Sustainable consumption and the sharing economy are essential part of circular economy.
Finland is currently constructing a green deal for the circular economy that brings together the most critical sectors and leading experts from Finland. The heart and soul of the green deal are scientific scenarios that are unique in terms of scope and coverage.

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Finland to donate wastewater treatment equipment to Ukraine

22.3.2023 9.30
The Helsinki Region Environmental Services HSY has commissioned the Suomenoja wastewater treatment plant in Espoo to carry out an inventory of its equipment, with the aim of donating some of this to Ukrainian wastewater treatment plants. The Ministry of the Environment of Finland supports the donation.

IPCC report: Decisions made now have impacts for thousands of years – climate change challenges can be met with swift and extensive action

20.3.2023 15.02
Kuvassa lähikuva sulavasta jäästä.
The scientific evidence is clear: climate change is a threat to the wellbeing of humans and nature. In the report published today, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPCC points out that urgent action is needed to ensure a liveable future for all. There is very little time for corrective actions but solutions are available.

Outlook Review: Green Transition is the Foundation for Growth
General government finances must be adapted and reformed in way that helps find solutions to climate crisis and biodiversity loss

17.3.2023 12.40
Ilmakuva Helsingistä
The climate and ecological crisis and the sustainability gap in general government finances cannot be solved separately. Actions that strengthen general government finances can be targeted so that they systematically take the economy, legislation, taxation, incentives and governance structures towards the green transition. This is the conclusion of the Outlook Review published by the Ministry of the Environment.

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