Towards carbon-neutral Finland – Government adopts Medium-term Climate Change Policy Plan

2.6.2022 13.42
The Medium-term Climate Change Policy Plan presents the package of measures by which Finland will halve emissions from the effort-sharing sector by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2035. The Government approved and gave to Parliament the Report on the Medium-term Climate Change Policy Plan on 2 June 2022.

Latest releases

UN Goose Management Working Group meets in Helsinki to discuss population trends and joint measures

21.6.2022 10.08
Photo: Ilkka Elo
The annual meeting of the European Goose Management International Working Group under the Agreement on the Conservation of African-Eurasian Migratory Waterbirds AEWA will be held in Helsinki on 21–23 June 2022. AEWA and its Individual Species Working Groups (ISWG) are important for Finland in terms of the protection and sustainable exploitation of the migratory aquatic and shore birds found in Finland. The meeting will consider the most recent data on goose population trends and decide on possible further measures with respect to the populations within the mandate of the European Goose Management Platform.

Consultation under way on the Act on the Built Environment Information System

17.6.2022 16.40
The Ministry of the Environment requests comments on the act concerning the new Built Environment Information System. The act is part of the digital transformation of the built environment. The legislation is being reformed in such a way that the digitalisation of the sector can proceed. The change will have an impact on the information management of numerous stakeholders. Data created in building permit and zoning processes will be harmonised, machine-readable and readily accessible.

How should the sustainability of cities be measured

13.6.2022 9.44
The project carried out by the Finnish Environment Institute SYKE ‘Indicators for sustainable urban development’ was a multi-stage participatory process to draw up a proposal for key indicators for sustainable urban development. The aim is to support cities, ministries and other stakeholders in monitoring sustainable urban development. The follow-up project to be started now will test the key indicators that have been identified in municipalities interested in this work.