Subsidies and grants

The Ministry of the Environment awards government grants and coordinates the ways how organisations and communities can seek financial assistance for their activities and projects. Government grants may be awarded for purposes included in the State budget and development projects that support the objectives of the Government Programme.

The Ministry of the Environment:

  • Awards discretionary government grants for the activities of nature conservation, environmental, housing and building associations and acquisition of recreational areas.
  • Awards government grants for research and development projects.
  • Awards travel grants to journalists and photographers and for communication projects related to the environment.
  • Coordinates certain types of aid granted by the EU (Life+ funding and support for environmental projects from the EU Structural Funds).

The Act on Discretionary Government Transfers (688/2001) applies to the grants awarded by the Ministry of the Environment. Where necessary, specific Government Decrees are applicable to some of the grants. Most of the government grants are general or special grants, investment grants or government grants for individuals. Government grants are awarded for non-economic activities, while economic activities may be eligible for business subsidies.