Press Releases

Report identifies various opportunities for avoiding double claiming in voluntary compensation

30.9.2022 11.04
The study shows that there are different ways to avoid double claiming in the voluntary compensation of emissions. However, according to the study, the current EU legislation does not enable its Member States to make corresponding adjustments to their greenhouse gas accounting to avoid double claiming.

Minister Ohisalo: Accelerating the green transition will also strengthen Finland’s comprehensive security

21.9.2022 15.05
Russia's war of aggression has made energy and climate policy an even more integral part of foreign and security policy. Finland should continue to take decisive climate action and accelerate the green transition in the midst of the energy crisis, said Minister of the Environment and Climate Change Maria Ohisalo at an event on climate action, energy solutions and Finland’s comprehensive security.

Solutions sought for increasing wind power construction in eastern Finland

16.9.2022 14.31
The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of the Environment will appoint a rapporteur to investigate how to increase wind power construction in eastern Finland. Lieutenant General (ret.) Arto Räty will serve as rapporteur.

Climate Policy Roundtable: Solutions to energy crisis must not slow down green transition

15.9.2022 14.58
At its meeting on Thursday, the Climate Policy Roundtable stressed that the short-term measures to find solutions to the energy crisis must not override the long-term actions to mitigate climate change. The measures raised in the discussion included increasing the production of renewable energy, implementing the hydrogen strategy, saving energy, measures taken within the EU, and supporting those who are in a vulnerable position. The meeting was chaired by Maria Ohisalo, Vice-Chair of the Climate Policy Roundtable.

Parliamentary group for stronger implementation of Finland’s climate targets with long-term perspective

15.9.2022 13.38
On Thursday 15 September, the Government appointed a group composed of the parties in Parliament to monitor the implementation of the national climate policy. The aim is to make sure that the climate neutrality target will be reached and the measures to be taken will be fair and just. The group will also discuss the climate policy outlines to be needed in the future. Each party in Parliament has a representative in the monitoring group.

Government’s legislative proposals to Parliament aim to reduce emissions from building and promote digitalisation

15.9.2022 13.34
On Thursday 15 September, the Government approved the proposals for the Building Act, the Act Amending the Land Use and Building Act and the Act on the Built Environment Information System. The acts are to enter into force on 1 January 2024.

Climate Policy Roundtable meets to discuss energy crisis and ways to boost green transition

14.9.2022 13.44
The Climate Policy Roundtable will hold its 17th meeting on Thursday 15 September. The main topics are solutions to energy crisis and green transition. The Roundtable is chaired by Prime Minister Sanna Marin.

How do we guide Finland forward in the midst of global uncertainty? Ministries’ futures review provides tools for decision-makers

12.9.2022 10.02
The prolonged COVID-19 pandemic, Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine and accelerating climate change have led to a situation in Finland and globally where the future seems rather uncertain. In the midst of uncertainty, decision-making is difficult. Finland will hold parliamentary elections in spring 2023, and the new Government Programme will outline policies for the next few years.

Finland boosts green transition – in permit and appeal procedures priority given to investment projects

8.9.2022 15.01
The Government has adopted a government proposal to boost investments in the green transition*. The aim is to reduce Finland’s dependence on fossil energy, increase energy self-sufficiency and move towards an ecologically more sustainable economy. The proposal would prioritise the permit applications concerning investment projects that are important for the green transition in the permit procedures under the Environmental Protection Act and Water Act at the Regional State Administrative Agencies in 2023–2026**.

Wellbeing for future generations – updated strategy of the Ministry of the Environment for 2035
Ministry of the Environment seeks comprehensive solutions to ecological crisis, leads green transition and creates conditions for smooth everyday living

6.9.2022 8.19
Ympäristöministeriö rakastaa vuotta 2035.
In future, the Ministry of the Environment will focus even more strongly on three themes: comprehensive solutions to the ecological sustainability crisis, leading the green transition and living environments that support wellbeing.