EU Circular Economy Package

The European Commission proposal on the circular economy (2015) contained an extensive action plan and a number of proposals for legislative amendments in support of this. The implementation of the package took place in 2016–2018.

In addition, the Commission published a “mini-package” (2016) including:

The Strategy for Plastics

In January 2018 the Commission published the first European Strategy for Plastics to reduce problems caused by plastic waste and litter. The strategy aims for more efficient recovery and recycling of plastics and product design that promotes the reuse, reparability and recycling of plastic products while creating the conditions for new circular economy innovations and investments.

The Strategy for Plastics is part of the package of Commission initiatives to boost the circular economy, which comprises:

The pacage ingludes

  • Communication on the European Strategy for Plastics
  • Communication on the interface between chemicals, waste and products legislation
  • Monitoring framework for the circular economy
  • Proposal for a Directive on port reception facilities for the delivery of waste from ships
  • Report on oxo-plastics
  • Report on critical raw materials

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